A strong foundation for modular flooring

Interface Backings

When you’re choosing flooring, your first thoughts are likely about the colour, design, pattern and texture.

At Interface, we also encourage you to consider the backing – the backing can contain materials to help lower the carbon footprint of the finished tile. And, it also preserves the long-lasting look, feel and performance of your floor.

Standard Backings

In most situations, our standard backings give you everything you need. We supply most of our carpet tiles with a CQuest™Bio backing, and our LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) come with Sound Choice™ acoustic backing. Both are well suited to most commercial environments and proven to perform in them.

Whatever Interface modular carpet you choose, CQuest™Bio provides the perfect backing. It is now our standard backing on all carpet tiles. CQuest™Bio contains recycled and bio-based materials. These materials, measured on a standalone basis, are net carbon negative – greatly reducing our carbon footprint. CQuest™Bio will help contribute to leading green building certification schemes. It guarantees maximum flatness and stability. It is compatible with our glue-free TacTiles® system and forms the sturdy foundation for wall-to-wall installations that will not warp, wrinkle or dome. It’s also formulated to ensure the tiles remain in place even with heavy use.

Sound Choice™
Designed specifically as the integrated backing for our LVT collection, the Sound Choice acoustic backing helps your flooring reduce unwanted sound much more effectively than other hard surfaces. In particular, it reduces impact sound by 16 dB to avoid disturbances between floors and rooms. So it’s especially useful in multi-storey office buildings, as well as in education, healthcare and hospitality environments. As a standard component of our LVT tiles, Sound Choice offers acoustic insulation without the expense of fitting underlays.

  • CQuest™Bio - our carbon negative backing
  • Sound Choice™ - the standard LVT backing with superior acoustic performance

Additional Backings

Sometimes you might have very specific requirements – maybe because of the way the space will be used, or because of the type of subfloor, you’re working with. Whatever you need from a backing, we have it. All our backings are the result of many years of development by our product material research teams. And we test them to rigorous industry standards, to ensure they do their job – keeping your tiles dimensionally stable, in their place throughout their life, and making them easy to fit and update.

Our backing that stores the most carbon
CQuest™BioX. It’s the same material make-up as CQuest™Bio with a higher concentration of carbon negative materials. The carbon negative materials in CQuest™BioX backing, in combination with specialty yarns and tufting processes, result in a carbon negative carpet tile.

Our integrated acoustic backings

CQuest™Bio SONE and CQuest™Bio SONE+. Designed with the user in mind, they enhance both acoustics and underfoot comfort. For most projects, acoustic and ergonomic comfort is achieved with standard Interface carpet tiles. The integral nature of CQuest™Bio SONE and CQuest™Bio SONE+ means that projects can be completed swiftly with as little disruption as possible.

  • Enhanced softness underfoot
  • Easy to install with minimum disruption
  • Economical – especially over large areas
  • Constructed with 98% recycled polyester felt base, made from recycled PET bottles
  • Bitumen and PVC free
  • CQuest™Bio SONE and CQuest™Bio SONE+ are available with an extensive range of Interface carpet tiles

  • CQuest™Bio SONE+
    Impact sound reduction up to 33dB Sound absorption from aw 0.30 – 0.40 depending on product

    CQuest™Bio SONE
    Impact sound reduction up to 29dB Sound absorption up to aw 0.30 – 0.35 depending on product

    Extra levels of acoustic insulation and comfort underfoot
    ReCushion Bac® for areas where acoustic insulation and underfoot comfort are especially important. Compaired to standard backings, ReCushion Bac® provides extra levels of protection and support. Made from two layers of our CQuest™Bio backing with a 3mm layer of closed-cell polymerised foam (85% recycled content) in between, ReCushion Bac® offers superior sound absorption, and resists crushing and flattening even with intense traffic. And, with high recycled content in the foam, it also helps increase the overall sustainability of your flooring.
    You can specify ReCushion Bac® on many of our modular carpet ranges, to give you highly resilient, anti-static flooring with added thermal and acoustic comfort – and a luxurious, cushioned feel.

    • CQuest™Bio SONE+
    • CQuest™Bio SONE
    • ReCushion Bac®

    Loose Lay Under Floor System

    For higher levels of acoustic and ergonomic comfort, Interlay is a loose-lay resilient underfloor system designed for installation beneath your Interface carpet tiles. We supply it in 50 x 50 cm tiles, so you can use it across an entire space or limit it to smaller defined areas, and feel the benefits just where you need them.
    Made from two CQuest™Bio layers with a foam layer sandwiched between, Interlay absorbs sound and dampens impact noise, making it a highly effective way to combat poor acoustics in any interior space. And its construction also enhances softness underfoot and thermal comfort.

    Interlay is easy to install and its benefits are long lasting – when your carpet needs replacing, Interlay will still be going strong. You can re-use it, again and again, enjoying more comfort and less noise well into the future.
    Please note Interlay is not compatible with our LVT products.