Works Collection

Works Collection – Versatile and Affordable

The Works Collection is the complete package. Four coordinated designs solve a wide range of flooring challenges – and are suitable for a tight budget.

Works Flow – A great base to create quiet and comfort in your space
Works Flow is a perfect fit for a nature-inspired project. The organic pattern offers natural variation and the 12 colourways range from neutral to pastel, bringing to mind a marble floor or a flowing river.

Works Geometry – A modern look for your contemporary space
Works Geometry offers a varied linear pattern, creating a solid foundation for any modern space. The range comprises 9 colourways, featuring both neutral and colourful designs.

Works Hype and Dash – Striking looks for a striking space
Within the Works Collection, Hype and Dash are the carpet tiles that grab the eye. Striking accents in respectively a linear and stippled design make your carpet come to life. Both are available in 3 colourways, all with a dark or mid grey background.

  • Works Flow  Lime  Ashlar  Touch & Tones 102  Neutral Grey  Monolithic  
  • Works Flow  Charcoal  Monolithic  
  • Works Flow  Canary  Brick  
  • Works Hype  Canary  Ashlar  
  • Works Hype  Lime  Ashlar  Level Set Natural Stones  Jet Mist  Monolithic  
  • Works Hype  Violet  Ashlar  Employ Loop  Lavender  Monolithic  
  • Works Dash  Sunrise  Brick  
  • Works Dash  Aqua  Monolithic  Employ Loop  Nordic  Monolithic  
  • Works Dash  Cobalt  Monolithic  Level Set Textured Woodgrains  White Wash  Ashlar  
  • Works Geometry  Lime  Non Directional  UR501  Stone  Ashlar  
  • Works Geometry  Cobalt  Non Directional  On Line  Ink  Ashlar  
  • Works Geometry  Canary  Non Directional  Polichrome Stipple  Buttercup  Monolithic  

Works Dash

Works Hype

Works Flow

Works Geometry

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