Works Collection

The Works Collection is the complete package. Six coordinated designs solve a wide range of flooring challenges – and are suitable for a tight budget.

Works Freestyle – Distinctively casual
Inspired by the layered textures of roughly painted wood, Works Freestyle lends itself perfectly to our Skinny Planks format. It brings a relaxing informality to interiors, enhanced by eight calming colourways exploring greys and soft beiges.

Works Fluid – Free-flowing inspiration
Reflecting the natural ripples of water, Works Fluid creates distinctive visual effects through undulating lines that flow horizontally across our Skinny Planks. And its colour palette of eight blues, greys and earthy tones reinforces a subtle connection with rivers and oceans.

Works Balance – Structured style
Linear yet textured, Works Balance takes inspiration from the architectural perspectives of tall city skyscrapers. Our Skinny Planks format emphasises this structural feel, and eight colourways reinforce the urban theme, with variations on greys, dark blues and teal.

Works Flow – A great base to create quiet and comfort in your space
Works Flow is a perfect fit for a nature-inspired project. The organic pattern offers natural variation and the 12 colourways range from neutral to pastel, bringing to mind a marble floor or a flowing river.

Works Geometry – A modern look for your contemporary space
Works Geometry offers a varied linear pattern, creating a solid foundation for any modern space.



  • Works Balance  Linen  Ashlar  
  • Works Fluid  Linen  Ashlar  
  • Works Freestyle  Nickel  Ashlar  
  • Works Flow  Lime  Ashlar  Touch & Tones 102  Neutral Grey  Monolithic  
  • Works Flow  Charcoal  Monolithic  
  • Works Flow  Canary  Brick  
  • Works Hype  Violet  Ashlar  Employ Loop  Lavender  Monolithic  
  • Works Geometry  Cobalt  Non Directional  On Line  Ink  Ashlar  
  • Works Geometry  Canary  Non Directional  Polichrome Stipple  Buttercup  Monolithic