Visual Code

High-tech, meet high-touch. 

Technology may be sleek and enticing, but it can be a distraction from the world around us. By re-engaging with hand-crafted materials and goods, we humanise our experience, slow it down and restore imagination and wonder.

Visual Code™ is a carpet collection of ten different patterns inspired by the symbiotic relationship of hi-tech and hi-touch, marrying images of glitch graphics and technicolour circuitry with simple textures that recall plain woven fabrics and rugs.

Pair it with Drawn Lines™, an LVT which layers filament-fine marks in varying weights and rhythms, creating a never-ending geometric pattern and a soft pooling of light and dark areas with no visible repeats. Designed to work together seamlessly, combining Interface LVT and carpet allows for an integrated flooring system and unique combinations of hard and soft surfaces – with no transition strips needed.

We know that great design has a positive impact on people’s lives. Use Visual Code and Drawn Lines to create +Positive spaces™ that inspire and connect.

Skinny Planks