Polichrome Collection

Polichrome – A broad colour palette and a winning personality.

The Polichrome Collection is a modern classic, available in a wide range of colours, including neutrals, brights and on-trend pastels. Polichrome Solid offers 24 solid designs, with another 24 coordinating colourways in the Polichrome Stipple range.

The frisé look adds personality to a wide range of interiors. This high-performance cut pile offers the perfect broadloom effect when installed wall to wall, while also offering great possibilities for design-by-tile projects. Create a full-colour interior with Polichrome.

Polichrome demonstrates the difference colour can make. It's one of the most important decisions when designing any interior. Discover our fascination with colour on our #ColourStories hub.

  • Polichrome Stipple  Niagara  Polichrome Solid  Waterfall  Monolithic
  • Polichrome Stipple  Drizzle & Tulip  Polichrome Solid  Viola  Monolithic
  • Polichrome Stipple  Dolphin  Polichrome Solid  Mousey  Monolithic
  • Polichrome Stipple  Linen  Polichrome Solid  Turtle Dove  Monolithic
  • Polichrome Stipple  Caviar & Infinity  Polichrome Solid  Liquorice & Distant  Monolithic
  • Polichrome Stipple  Moonrock  Monolithic
  • Polichrome Stipple  Hemp  Monolithic