ReUse, RePurpose, ReCycle

Between 2016-2020 we have recovered 22 thousand tonnes of post-consumer carpet. Since starting our ReEntry programme we have globally kept more than 136 thousand tonnes of materials out of landfills.

Do you know what happens with your used flooring, when you refurbish your space?
You could be throwing away more than you think.
With ReEntry®, we make updating your flooring easy. 
We take care of collecting your old carpet tiles – and save you a lot of hassle.

Why throw away what’s valuable?
Every day, tonnes of carpet are discarded mainly ending up in landfill – much of it not anywhere near the end of its working life. In the UK alone, it’s estimated that about 165,000 tonnes of carpet end up in landfill each year. Source:

Don’t let all the good work go to waste.
With ReEntry, we can create more value from used flooring.
We put them to good use. More importantly, we make sure they don’t go into landfill.

ReEntry: four ways to keep carpet out of landfill

We work with a hierarchy of options to create most social and environmental value from your used carpets. So, whatever happens, you’re putting your used carpet to good use. You’re helping local communities, the environment, or both – and enhancing your organisation’s sustainability credentials at the same time.

ReUse – Used as flooring again
RePurpose – Converted to other products or services
ReCycle – Separated into all component materials
ReCover – When absolutely necessary, recovered as energy in a waste to energy facility

On average 60% of your used carpet will be reused through our social ReUse partner network. As an absolute last resort, it will be turned into useful energy, through a waste-to-energy facility.

ReEntry makes a real difference

With many carpet tiles replaced before the end of their working life, we can help someone else benefit from them. We work with social enterprises across the UK and Ireland, who specialise in rehoming used carpet. They work mostly with charities, community groups and housing associations, making sure the flooring benefits those who really need it. Plus, they employ and train people in their community – so they make a difference in more ways than one.

How you benefit

By partnering with Interface and our ReEntry service, it’s easy to make a contribution and improve your sustainability performance.
  • We take care of the collection
  • We enable positive social and environmental impact
  • We provide you with a certificate reporting your contribution

  • To help make it even easier for you, our Site Services team can help you throughout every step of the process, from helping you choose your new flooring, taking care of the used one and installing new beautiful flooring in your space.

    The Circular Office: a sustainable approach to where we work

    We understand the importance of partnerships and collaboration, and to support our ReEntry approach, we are happy to support the Circular Office campaign, initiated by Business in the Community – The Prince’s Responsible Business Network. The Circular Office initiative seeks to change the way we design, use and operate in the places we work, to eliminate waste and create more efficient, sustainable spaces and businesses.

    Want to know more?

    To find out how we can help create more value with your used carpet, contact your Interface account manager or contact us here.