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Our featured floors are designed for cost-effective price points. So whatever your budget, you can create your +Positive space, with over 500 colourways all dispatched in 24 hours. Say hello to QuickShip.

  • Current  Zinc  Non Directional  £
  • Biosfera  Boucle, Bianco, Christal  Monolithic  £
  • Infuse  Clay  Ashlar  £
  • Duet  Dove  Monolithic  £
  • Employ Loop  Tropical  Monolithic  Employ Lines  Caribbean  Non Directional  £
  • Composure  Amber  Non Directional  ££
  • Composure  Aubergine, Lavender, Pewter  Non Directional  ££
  • Composure  Marine  Non Directional  ££
  • The Scandinavian Collection  Bergen  Quarter Turn  ££
  • Contemplation  Element  Non Directional  ££
  • EM551, EM552, EM553  Union Stem, Main Ave, Old Town Blvd  Design By Tile  £££
  • EM551  Union Stem  EM553  Union Blvd  Herringbone  £££

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