Spaces to make people want to stay longer

Designed for hospitality

You want your guests to love your rooms and shared spaces. To feel good, to return, and to tell their friends. And you want to achieve this cost-effectively and with respect for the environment.

With Interface Hospitality, you have modular flooring with the flexibility to meet your changing needs. With the quality, creativity and sustainability to support your brand and the guest experience. This is how we help hotels create +Positive spaces™.

Focused on feeling good

Keeping the noise down and the air clean. Our products help you do both. So your guests feel better. But we can also enhance their well-being through the soothing effect of a connection with nature. In these high-pressure times, we use design to restore calm, increasing a hotel’s appeal.

In-built flexibility. Commercial sense.

We design our modular flooring to be smarter in many ways. Most importantly for hotels with numerous rooms and spaces, our products make less waste – in installation, maintenance and replacement.

Which saves materials and time. While saving you money.

And if you’re looking to grow revenue, our research on Biophilic Design in Hospitality shows how including nature’s design elements can help increase average daily room rates, and boost dwell rates in lobby areas.

Helping you contribute to a healthier planet

Our business is based on setting, and achieving, ambitious environmental goals. And we help hotel businesses do the same. When you choose our products, you share our low carbon footprint. Through initiatives to reuse and recycle – and through saving energy in manufacturing – our sustainability supports yours.