Let’s make a healthier planet together

Big environmental goals you can share

We understand not changing towels every day reduces impact, but it’s not enough, and travellers expect much more from hotels. For decades, we’ve taken our environmental responsibility very seriously. In 1994, we set ourselves the target of eliminating, by 2020, any negative impact we have on the environment. We called this Mission Zero®, and we’re poised to achieve it.

Through our new mission, Climate Take Back™, we aim to run our business in a way that creates a climate fit for life. We see carbon in our atmosphere as an opportunity. And we’ve developed a prototype Proof Positive tile to prove it’s possible to use carbon as a building block to create a climate fit for life.

Knowing that businesses can make a difference – especially when we collaborate and change our mindsets, we will support your business to achieve its sustainability goals.

Carbon Neutral Floors. All our products. Carbon neutral.

We’ve done the math. We know your flooring’s impact on global warming, and we can help you take a positive step toward your own goals on carbon emissions. When you choose our products, we’ll calculate your flooring’s impact on global warming and ensure it’s offset – at no extra cost to you. We even help you share this good news with your stakeholders. You’ll receive a certificate and some visual assets to help you share the impact of your floor. By choosing Carbon Neutral Floors™ you’re choosing to make a stand against climate change by helping to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

A positive step toward a Climate Take Back.

Reducing and recycling to save precious resources

Choose our products, and you’re choosing from a range of flooring with the highest percentages of recycled content in the industry – and the lowest carbon footprint. Many of our ranges use 100% recycled nylon. Globally 58% of the raw materials we use are now recycled or bio-based. Since 1996, we’ve reduced the greenhouse gas emissions of our plants by 96%, and the carbon footprint of our products is down by over 60%.

A win-win-win for the coastline

Our work in recycling includes initiatives like Net-Works®, a cross-sector programme that addresses the environmental problem of discarded fishing nets in poor coastal communities. We work with these communities and Aquafil, one of our yarn suppliers, to recycle the nets into carpet tiles. As well as providing income for the communities and helping clean up the coastline, this reduces the need to manufacture yarn from virgin materials. We’ve also joined the NextWave initiative to help scale up the use of ocean plastics across different industries.

New floor for you – new life for your old carpet tiles

So you know choosing Interface is a good decision for the environment. But how can you deal with your old flooring with the same level of responsibility? With our ReEntry service, we make sure your old carpet tiles don’t go into landfill.

We collect them from you, and put them to good use – in one of four ways. If they’re still in fair condition, we pass them to social enterprises, who reuse them in homes or community spaces. If that’s not appropriate, we convert them into other products, or recycle them into new carpet. Or, if they can’t be reused, converted or recycled, we send them to a waste-to-energy facility. Whatever happens, you’re helping local communities, the environment, or both.