A foundation for profitability

Savings from the first moment of installation

Our modular format is highly economical. Compared with broadloom carpet, there’s far less waste. (With broadloom, in a typical room, you can have 10-15% waste, whereas with carpet tiles, that drops to 3-4%, or even less with our random or non-directional designs.) You need to buy less because you throw less away.

Also, our modular flooring is quicker and easier to handle and fit – especially with our TacTiles® glue-free installation system. And, of course, saving time means saving yet more money.

Keeping up appearances, keeping down costs

We’ve designed our products to keep their colour-fastness and appearance over time. So your investment lasts longer, even if you need to use harsh cleaning products. Most spills are easy to deal with – and for trickier stains, you can remove the tile for deeper cleaning, or replace it.

Just one tile. You can’t do that with broadloom. The operational efficiency of modular flooring means less disruption to guests, and a lower risk of losing room occupancy and revenue.

Bring in nature, bring in business

Our biophilic design approach, embracing nature, can also improve a hotel’s profitability. Studies we’ve carried out show clear links between design that brings nature indoors and a hotel’s revenue per available room. And this is simply because it makes more people want to spend more time there.

In the lobby, for example, guests and local visitors, attracted by the space’s relaxing, rejuvenating connection with nature, will choose to meet for coffee or drinks. Our ‘Biophilic Design in Hospitality’ report shows that biophilic hotel lobbies have a 36% higher dwell rate than conventional lobbies. Which means more revenue without having to fill more beds.