A modular system to enhance your design

Formats that bring creative freedom and flexibility

If you think carpet tiles can be a little boring, you’ll be positively surprised when you look at our range. Interface Hospitality offers a rich variation of styles, letting you play with pattern, colour, texture and format in different areas, without a major commitment to one style.

Our modular system isn’t just designed to cover the floor. With modules of 50 x 50cm square tiles and 100 x 25cm Skinny Planks, the geometry works perfectly, inspiring unique flooring patterns. Collections with colours that work together, and patterns derived from each other, enable the flooring design to interact with other elements in the space and support specific activities.

With this flexibility, you can create spaces within spaces. Clearly defined ‘zones’ in a multi-use lobby, to suit different moods and activities. Or simply a rug in a guestroom, or flows and transitions to aid wayfinding. Most importantly, you have complete creative control over your flooring as an adaptable part of your interior design.

Hard and soft options

As well as carpet, you probably need hard flooring in some areas. And you’ll want the two types of surface to work together seamlessly, creating zones or pathways in public spaces, or combining the two surfaces in guestrooms for a more homely feel.

We have the answer in our LVT collections (luxury vinyl tiles), each one offering a distinctive look and feel. Level Set is inspired by the natural elements, giving you wood-grain and stone effects. Studio Set provides a wealth of colour, inspiring striking compositions. And Boundary Metallics creates a totally new aesthetic by combining an industrial sheen with organic textures.

Our LVT and carpet tiles are a perfect match in thickness, format and design. So there’s no need for transition strips – just the perfect flooring, exactly where you need it.

Meeting the design challenge together

So, we offer a lot of choice. We also offer plenty of help to navigate the choices. You can explore more options with our online floor designer. And our concept designers are here to ensure you make the most of our products to create the spaces you want.

We can give you different levels of support, whether that’s on one particular phase of a project or the complete process. This includes creating custom colours, products or mood boards, presented in 2D and 3D visualisations. We can also provide a design guide to make installation easy.