Working towards a healthier planet together

Sharing the responsibility

At Interface, we’re convinced a fundamental shift needs to happen in the world’s response to climate change. We need to stop talking about how to limit the damage, and start creating a climate fit for life. Through our mission, Climate Take Back™, we’ve committed to running our business in a way that has a positive impact on the environment. And we’re asking others to do the same. Especially in sectors such as education, where the focus is on laying foundations for future generations.

Carbon Neutral Floors. All our products. Carbon neutral.

We know your flooring’s impact on global warming, and we can help you move toward your goals on carbon emissions. When you choose our products, we’ll calculate your flooring’s impact and ensure it’s offset – at no extra cost to you. You’ll also receive a certificate and visual assets to help you tell the world you’ve chosen Carbon Neutral Floors™.

Innovating to improve lives and protect the planet

When we develop new products, our aim is always to have a positive impact on people’s lives, their spaces and the environment. For example, we’re recycling the laminate material, Poly Vinyl Butral (PVB), from broken car windscreens and using it to produce carpet tiles. And our glue-free TacTiles® are the sustainable way to install modular flooring. Also, our new backing, CircuitBac Green, has bio-based content that absorbs more carbon than it emits during its production.

A win-win-win for the coastline

Our work in recycling includes Net-Works®, a cross-sector programme that addresses the problem of discarded fishing nets in poor coastal communities. We work with these communities and yarn supplier Aquafil to recycle the nets into carpet tiles. As well as providing income for the communities and helping clean up the coastline, this reduces the need to make yarn from virgin materials. We’ve also joined the NextWave initiative to help scale up the use of ocean plastics across different industries.

Working with the EAUC

We’re proud to be the only flooring specialist associated with the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC). We work with its members to help create increasingly sustainable learning environments.