Designed to be practical

Needs change. Your floor can, too.

As student life involves many activities, it demands a variety of spaces, all capable of responding as things change. We offer the choice of colours, patterns, textures and formats to help create these spaces, and the flexibility to adapt them quickly and cost-effectively. Our modular flooring helps you meet the evolving needs of students and staff – simply because it’s based on interchangeable components, which are easy to reconfigure.

And with Interface, these components include carpet tiles and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) that work perfectly together without transition strips, connectors or bridges. Plus, you can combine our 50 x 50 cm squares and 100 x 25 cm Skinny Planks, multiplying your design options even further.

Keeping noise down, and concentration up

Students need to listen, read and think without noisy distractions – and they need a good night’s sleep. We can help you control sound levels through the right choice of flooring. Our modular carpet helps reduce the disruption of poor acoustics, and our SONE resilient underlay provides even greater protection.

Economical in many ways

With modular flooring, the savings start during installation – by saving waste. In a typical room, fitting broadloom carpet generates 10-15% waste, whereas with carpet tiles, that drops to 3-4%. And it’s only 1-2% with our random or non-directional designs. You buy less because you throw less away.

And because our flooring is durable and easy to maintain, you see further savings. All our products carry a 15-year warranty – and with proper care and maintenance, they’ll last for many years more. And when you do need to replace them, it’s unlikely to affect an entire room. In most spaces, 20% of the floor gets 80% of the wear. With modular flooring, that’s all you need to replace.

Benefits at a glance

  • Easy installation
  • Less installation waste than broadloom carpet
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Durability
  • Superior acoustics
  • Extensive selection of designs and colourways
  • Compatible formats - Skinny Planks and square options
  • Carpet and LVT combine without transition strips, connectors or bridges
  • 24-hour dispatch of selected ranges, with QuickShip
  • 15-year warranty
  • All our products are Carbon Neutral Floors