What is DesignLaB, and why?

At Interface, we want to help create spaces that have a positive effect on people’s wellbeing, health, creativity and productivity. And to help achieve this goal, we’ve set up DesignLaB, a community of architects, designers and leading experts who want to explore and promote design that supports people and helps protect the planet.

It’s a forum for raising questions, stimulating discussions and exchanging ideas. An opportunity to stay ahead of the latest developments in human-centred design, and to gain inspiration from colleagues peers and leading experts.

New sources of inspiration

When you join DesignLaB, you can choose from four types of activity:
  • ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions in your own office
  • Workshops exploring the power of design to enhance well-being
  • ‘Experts meet Experts’ discussions
  • Visits to the workspaces of young designers who take their inspiration from nature.

  • You also have access to our authoritative design guides, highlighting key topics relating to human-centred design – such as the new 7 biophilic features for enhancing community, WELL Building Standard™ Certification , and connecting with nature through Biophilic Design.

    DesignLaB partners

    We’ve built DesignLaB around a network of experts and thought leaders. In particular, you’ll have the chance to learn from three key figures in architecture and design: Oliver Heath, Yaniv Peer and Leonne Cuppen.

    Find out more

    If you’re interested in designing spaces that enhance wellbeing – and want to learn more about Interface and DesignLaB – please get in touch.