The Power of Pastel Colours

The pastel palette is everywhere at the moment, from interior products to soft furnishings. This palette is so versatile and can be used in many different ways. The pastel tones can be used together or they can be used as a highlight colour on a neutral background. Pastel shades vary from dusty and whitewashed hues to light and soft tones of neutrals. What gives Pastels it unique palette are the tones of aqua, dusty blues and soft pinks.

Ambiente 2017 showed off the Pastel palette to its full potential, featuring furniture and interior textiles that adopted these soft tones. Clerkenwell Design Week 2017 also demonstrated how the office environment has taken the palette on board, with office furniture fabrics in pastel colours, often with a soft flow from shade to shade.

Our latest products offer a fine balance of neutral, bright and pastel colourways. Radial, Composure and Composure Edge in particular offer a great selection of pastels. These products work well with one another and coordinate brilliantly with products from other current ranges, including Monochrome and Level Set.

The beautiful thing about pastel tones is they work well in almost any interior space, because of the subtle properties of the palette. You can use tones together in a scheme or individually. Zoning can also be created by using different textures, so you can use a product with more texture in quiet zones to create a comfortable situation and add a sense of wellness and calm.

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