The Power of Colour

Discover the effects of colour in interior spaces

Colours seem like the most noticeable things in the world. They're everywhere, right? But did you know the colour blue did not exist in classic Greek culture? There's more to colour than meets the eye. Different colours influence us in different ways. Red gets us excited, but can be irritating when we spend more time in a space that it dominates. Blue is cool and soothing, and can even impact our perception of time.

While every material has a 'default colour', we have been changing that colour by dyeing, painting and other means since the dawn of time. If colour is that important to us, we should know how we can make it work for us. Utilising the power of colour helps us create positive spaces.

The Power of Radial Colours


Of course, colour is an important part of any floor and interior design. We've been exploring colour with our Colour of the Month series. We'll expand this with #ColourStories, an ongoing exploration of colour with artists, architects and designers, such as Mr. June, our collaborator for the Dutch Design Week in 2016. In 2017, we'll also expand our coverage to colour categories, showing combinations of fabrics and colours, starting with neutrals, pastels and brights. Keep updated here.