The Power of Bright Colours

Beautiful Brights

Over the years there has been an absolute obsession with neutrals – even pale pastels and dark navy are as ubiquitous as grey and taupe these days. Brights make a bold statement in the world of art and design, offering a much needed, optimistic wake up call from our neutral slumber. Different colour trends co-exist in current interior design. They all have their place in positive spaces that let people thrive.

The pace of change in colour trends is increasing, making it hard to keep up with the times. Brights can easily create a feeling of playfulness. The intensity of brights can be a turnoff for some and an absolute obsession for others – so be considered in your design. When in doubt, trust your intuition.

For those that like being dramatic

Applying intense colour to a space can encourage movement, collaboration and activation. A floor design is an important element of any space. Want to create a floor with maximum impact? Use a tile with variation in colour and structure, like one of our latest additions, Multichrome. Or tone it down a little with Monochrome, which offers structure in a single colour. Combine two Composure colours with the Composure Edge transition tile, and you get a floor that offers both neutral and bright with an organic texture.

For those of us that are more understated

Enjoy the subtlety of a neon thread woven into a neutral textile or the flicker of something bright within the artwork or other finishes.

The most important thing to remember with brights is balance – seek saturation when needed and create calm with muted tonal greys in sophisticated shades like concrete and cement. Colour catches the eye in an exaggerated display of saturation – give in, embrace it in moderation to create an exceptional space. Use brights sparingly or with reckless abandon to create the perfect mix of energising and recharging environments...

Colour lovers, live on!

  • HN810  Limestone  HN830  Clementine  HN840  Limestone  HN850  Limestone  Ashlar
  • Walk the Plank  Cyprus  Ashlar  On Line  Canary  Ashlar
  • Composure  Harmonious  Non Directional  Touch & Tones  Lemonade  Monolithic
  • Heuga 725  Bougainvillea  Monolithic
  • Touch & Tones  Moss  Monolithic
  • Superflor  Siberian Frost & Yippee  1/4 Turn
  • Luxury Living  Bresali  Ashlar
  • Heuga 530  Opera  Monolithic

Bright Colours

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