Radial – An urge to disconnect

Most people can’t live without it, but the massive presence of tech all around us is exhausting our attention. Overstimulation, caused by constant use of technology, makes individuals yearn for primary experiences to find renewed energy and creativity.

In interiors, this trend is reflected in the desire for pared-down and simpler approaches to design with emphasis on tactility and sensorial contact. Intentional design has become the forefront of this movement, promoting restful and relaxing interiors. Smooth geometry, softened edges, plush furnishings and misty finishes find their way to new spaces for mindfulness and meditation, offering us a conscious separation from tech.

Introducing Radial to support your mindful space

Our design team loves spotting these emerging trends and turning them into beautiful carpet tiles. You will find popular products like Composure and Contemplation as related responses to the need for tranquility and understated design.

Our latest addition, Radial, blends a new way of expansive thinking with a palette of tinted pastels and foggy neutrals that set a foundation for the floor in these new mindful spaces. Subtle gradations contained within the tile embody translucent or hazy materials while creating a dynamic yet understated floor. Each colourway merges nuanced neutrals with the slightest tinge of colour in all the quiet pastels you’ve been dreaming about. When multiple colourways are blended together, subtle hints of colour shimmer amongst the neutral base illuminating colourful pools of light on the floor.

Radial is an evolved sophistication of colour and pattern that create effortless and fluid floors, a perfect combination for serene and contemplative environments.

  • Radial  Atomized, Disperse, Diffuse  Non Directional  
  • Radial  Disperse  Non Directional  
  • Radial  Proportion    Level Set Textured Stones  Cool Polished Cement  Non Directional  
  • Radial  Proportion, Aromized & Vertex  Non Directional  
  • Radial  Angle  Non Directional  
  • Radial  Rays    Level Set Textured Stones  Polished Cement  Non Directional  
  • Radial  Signal  Non Directional  

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