The Power of Neutral Colours

The neutral colour palette is calm and creates a sense of serenity. Tones of cream, beige and warm greys all balance harmoniously to create a subtle yet commercial colour palette. Last year we saw these soft tones coming through strongly during trend research at our desk and at trade fairs. At IMM Cologne, many products on show featured these shades.

Neutral offerings with exciting prospects

The new ranges offer an array of neutral colourways, with Radial and Composure having a particularly great selection of natural tones. They work well with one another and coordinate brilliantly with products from our other ranges. Composure Edge and Polichrome are a great match for Radial and Composure, with their its subtle colour palette and natural toned colourways.


A wide range of possibilities

Neutral tones work well in any interior space. The subtle properties of this palette let you use different tones together in a scheme or use a single colourway to fill the room. Zoning can also be created by using different colours and textures, allowing you to use a product with more texture in quiet zones to create a comfortable situation. The combination of strong texture and neutral colours will contribute to a sense of wellness and calm.

  • Contemplation  Artisan  Composure  Contemplate  Non Directional  
  • Contemplation  Homespun  Brick  
  • Contemplation  Primitive  Ashlar  
  • Level Up  Gravel  Monolithic  
  • Level Up  Greige  Monolithic  
  • Multichrome  Cream Chrome  Monochrome  Cream  Monolithic  
  • Multichrome  Seal Chrome  Monochrome  Seal  Monolithic  
  • On Line  Biscuit  Dune  Mushroom  Monolithic  
  • On Line  Ink  Pepper  Pewter  Cloud  Herringbone  
  • Polichrome  Hemp  Monolithic  
  • Polichrome  Moonrock  Monolithic  
  • Polichrome  Turtle Dove  Linen  Monolithic  
  • Straightforward II  Lead  Non Directional  
  • Straightforward II  Mink  Non Directional  

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