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Carbon Neutral.

Design with the climate in mind

Global warming impacts all of us and we know it’s important to you too. That’s why our Carbon Neutral Floors™ help you to lower your carbon footprint with one positive step.

When you buy from us, we’ll be able to calculate your floor’s carbon neutral credentials, providing exact contribution to reducing global warming.

In 2018, we estimate that we will purchase more than 400,000 metric tons of carbon offsets, equivalent to the carbon sequestered annually by nearly half a million acres of forest. That’s two-thirds of Yosemite National Park in California or two times the size of New York City.

Our journey to
carbon neutral floors

We’ve done the math. We know the impact our flooring has on our planet, whether carpet tile or LVT. Since 1994, we’ve been leading our industry to reduce our carbon footprint of our products.

We’ve reduced our greenhouse gas emissions of our plants by 96% and reduced the carbon footprint by over 60% – to become the lowest in the industry.

Embodied carbon

For any building it’s not just heating and cooling buildings that adds to carbon emissions, but also the materials and processes used to create them. And that includes flooring products. So reducing this ‘embodied carbon’ is the most urgent challenge of all.

We have achieved this by:
  • Changing how we design and make things, reducing our footprint by over 60%
  • Balancing what we still can't avoid with carbon offsets that support renewable energy, fuel switching and reforestation to keep carbon in nature and out of the atmosphere
  • Join the Climate Take Back

    We’ve committed to running our business in a way that reverses global warming and creates a climate fit for life – and we call on others to do the same. Offering Carbon Neutral Floors represents our next step toward a Climate Take Back™.