Case Study: Rolls Royce, Derby, England

Project Size: 1,700m2
Products: Human Nature, Equal Measure, World Woven

Rolls-Royce is one of the most famous names in engineering. Despite being established over 100 years ago, the company is on the cutting-edge of technologies that deliver clean and safe solutions to meet our planet’s vital power needs. Creating a perfect balance between the company’s heritage and its role as a global innovator was the challenge presented to modular flooring manufacturer, Interface, when helping to redesign its Data Experts Office in Derby. 

Home to an expert data analytics and innovations team, the office is a global centre for technological advancement with the aim of unleashing the true potential of data to influence our changing world. Rolls-Royce was keen to breathe life into the old and uninspiring building and push the boundaries of anything it had done before to create a fresh, inspiring and collaborative work environment to develop and fulfil the company’s vision. 

To transform the 1,700m2 Data Experts Office which covers one floor, into a multifunctional hub of creativity and productivity, Interface worked alongside workplace design company Source8. Rolls-Royce needed a multipurpose space which encouraged social interactivity with the other business groups occupying the floor. The company needed meeting rooms, breakout areas, quiet zones and a wellness room, and wanted to incorporate an urban and industrial feel using textures, patterns and colour. 

Interface Concept Designer, Donna Dent, commented: “The brief was to produce a New York loft style, with an industrial feel, using textures, raw materials and soft edges. We wanted to introduce pathways in the floor scheme using subtle influences from street markings, which also helped to support Source8’s street seating design. We knew that Rolls-Royce wanted to combine a number of products, but the firm was unsure about how to blend these together seamlessly.” 

To incorporate these subtle pathways the Concept Design team opted to use Equal Measure, a collection inspired by traditional cobblestone streets. This created the look of a lived-in street, mapping out different pathways through the office. This was blended together with Human Nature. Taking inspiration and cues from nature, the collection incorporates the principles of biophilic design to support wellbeing and encourage creative thinking in the workplace.. The collection was used to subtly incorporate a flexible, barrierless environment, while still defining the transition between areas in a more natural way. To align with the space’s New York theme and introduce colour, Human Nature in Maize was used to filter in subtle hints of yellow into the design. This carpet tile also provided the perfect accompaniment to the planters which formed part of Source8’s design.

To compliment the natural textures of Human Nature and support the cobblestone pathways mapped out by Equal Measure, the World Woven® collection was also brought into the design. Made from 100% recycled content nylon, the warm and uplifting patterns help to foster a happy and engaging working environment. 

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