Case Study: Huddersfield University, UK

Project Size: 3,300m2
Product: Composure Edge, Composure, Radial, Level Set - Woodgrains, Human Nature, World Woven

Libraries are at the heart of any university, but transforming them from cold and sometimes uninviting spaces into inspiring, interactive zones can be a real challenge. This was certainly the case when The University of Huddersfield decided to refurbish its library, which covers four storeys and over three thousand square metres.

The university turned to alumni and Interface Concept Designer, Donna Dent, to create a multi-functional space encompassing break out areas, meeting rooms and quiet study areas. It was essential that the renovation provided an environment which fostered both creativity and concentration. Donna Dent worked closely with the estates and facilities team at the university to create a design-led solution catering to the needs of students from all departments.

Donna Dent commented: “My first-hand experience of studying at the university gave me a deep understanding of the needs of its diverse student base, so I was extremely passionate about this project. When creating spaces for study, functionality should not affect the opportunity for inspiration, nor should design serve just one style of learning. Our design provides subtle inspiration in key areas of the library, enhancing rather than overpowering its calm, organic aesthetic.

Three mood boards were created for the project, each showcasing a different colour scheme. These were then shared with representatives from across the departments. Radial and Composure Edge, provided the perfect foundation for the project. The distinctive World Woven carpet tile ranges were then selected to bring diversity and movement to the project.

Nature-inspired Composure is designed with the flexibility to flow easily through large spaces, meaning it reduces distractions for students. It was used to promote a sense of calm throughout the library. The Composure Edge collection complements this tranquil platform by creating an organic colour flow, linking spaces together effortlessly. 

The Radial collection was selected to stimulate creativity and inspire students, with its ombré effect providing a fresh perspective to study spaces. Further design inspiration was offered through the introduction of the World Woven collection, which pays homage to some of the world’s most loved textiles. These products create a distinctive, handcrafted feel, contributing to the overall inviting atmosphere of the library.   

Suzanne O’Loughlin, Architectural Design Officer at the University of Huddersfield, said: “The mood boards presented by Donna and the Interface Concept Design team offered variety and featured impressive layouts, as well as an exceptionally well-thought-out narrative. This was testament to their close liaison with our estates design team, which delivered an excellent end result.

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