LVT: Beautiful LVT flooring that performs.

Made to match with our modular carpet

Compatible in height and size (50 x 50 cm squares and 25 x 100 cm planks), our modular LVT makes a perfect companion to our carpet tiles. Styles are designed to work beautifully together with some of our most popular ranges, creating an integrated modular flooring system.

Less materials, more flexibility.

With modular LVT, you don’t have to worry about doubling up on flooring materials. No transition strips, connectors or bridges are needed, and it’s suitable for raised access flooring too. If you want soft and hard flooring, simply combine our modular carpet with our luxury vinyl tile for the best of both worlds.

Style that won’t fade.

Our LVT flooring uses a Ceramor™ ceramic bead coating – giving beautiful style a durable finish that resists scratching and scuffing. With this abrasion resistance, you can love your LVT flooring for years to come.

Performance that’s guaranteed.

Just like with our modular carpet, we offer a 15-year warranty on our entire Level Set™ Collection of LVT flooring. With this warranty, you can feel comfortable in knowing that your flooring is built to perform.

Irreplaceable designs, easy-to-replace tiles.

Whether you’re replacing a damaged tile or updating your space with a new Interface style, we make it easy. Simply lift the tile and replace it following the same simple, glue-free installation method.

Stable style.

Our LVT flooring is made with a fibreglass layer between two core sheets – creating a strong core for dimensional stability and flexibility. This means you can remove and update tiles easily and without glue. With these tiles, it’s never too late to perfect your space.

Sound acoustics.

Our LVT flooring has an integrated Sound Choice™ backing for superior acoustic performance. By minimising noise, this flooring can help increase productivity while creating a space of comfort and style.

A breath of fresh air.

Each of our many floors meet the highest standards for indoor air quality, and LVT is no exception. Interface LVT is tested according to leading European and global standards to emit very low emissions of VOCs, so you can breathe easy.

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