Mineral Colours Inspire New Dolomite Carpet Tile Collection from Interface

Metallics and mineral colours are a growing trend, visible in the home décor sector. The design movement of embellishment alongside raw, earthy tones, is predicted to expand more as people resume working outside the home environment and return to the workplace. Inspired by the light and shade of mineral surfaces, worldwide commercial flooring company and global leader in sustainability Interface®  has designed its new collection, Dolomite.  

The new Dolomite carpet tile collection includes 12 mineral inspired tones: Amber, Aventurine, Azurite, Crystal, Diamond, Golden Beryl, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Moonstone, Obsidian, Pearl and Rose Quartz. Each tone exudes a natural warmth and richness bringing a gentle sparkle across the floor. Installed in a monolithic pattern, the impact provides space users with all the benefits of carpet tile and a final look with the effect of a broadloom carpet.

The Dolomite Collection has a total recycled and bio-based content of 92% and comes as standard with CQuest™Bio, our new non-vinyl, non-bitumen backing. When paired with Interface luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or nora® rubber floor, Dolomite creates a serene and comfortable interior finish.

The splendour of Dolomite is in its luxurious simplicity” said Mandy Leeming, Design Director, Interface Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia (EAAA). “The collection brings to life the form and texture we see in natural minerals. By connecting space users more closely to nature using biophilic design principles we know it will support a more healthy and productive, environment for people to thrive as they transition back to their workspaces.”

By specifying flooring products from Interface, including Dolomite, customers are selecting carpet tile, LVT and nora rubber that is carbon neutral across its full product life cycle through the third-party verified Carbon Neutral Floors™ programme.  

To learn more about the Dolomite Collection, visit https://www.interface.com/EU/en-GB/detail/dolomite-diamond-4292001999K10200.




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