Unlimited Design Possibilities with Modular Carpet

Stimulate the senses and you stimulate the mind. A truly great building is about more than just a performance checklist. It should be beautiful as well. A place where people want to be, even when they don’t have to. A space that can fulfill different functions throughout the day.

By using diverse colours and textures, you can create stimulating and sensory environments that can adapt to different needs and encourage collaboration. Are you looking for a soft tranquil feel for quiet concentration? Or do you need vibrant colours and varying textures to bring energy to a space?

Modular carpet enables design-by-tile, making it easy to create flexible spaces that can be adapted for multiple purposes. It can also guide wayfinding and navigation between different floors or departments. Create zones by simply changing the colour or texture. Our different styles and formats of 50 x 50 cm squares and 25 x 100 cm Skinny Planks are designed to work together, and be flexible when requirements change.

The combination of pattern, texture and colour options available from our coordinated product portfolio means the possibilities are endless, at any scale you need. Our Concept Design team can help you create the perfect floor for your needs.

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