The Awarehouse – Experience Interface

Established in March 2012, the Interface Awarehouse serves as a stunning brand experience and learning centre for Interface customers and partners across Europe, Middle East and Africa. It has also welcomed thousands of visitors from the wider design and sustainability world.

Located in Scherpenzeel, the Netherlands, at one of the world's most sustainable carpet manufacturing sites, the Awarehouse is a real life example of sustainable construction and design. Previously a disused factory, the building has been transformed into an innovative multi-functional space hosting exhibitions, workshops, conferences and meetings.

From factory to experience centre

The Interface Awarehouse houses the cradle of the first carpet tiles. The basement, where the hair for the Heuga Felt carpet tiles used to be washed, is now a beautiful theatre and meeting space.

Interface's Scherpenzeel manufacturing site is a case study of our Mission Zero® in practice. It uses 100% renewable energy, uses virtually no water in the manufacturing and sends no waste to landfill.

Our sustainability philosophy was applied in the creation of the Awarehouse as well. Interface collaborated with Dutch architects Claessens Erdmann to transform the old building. The build and design of the Awarehouse have been realised using only recycled and sustainable materials.

Every effort has been made to retain as much of the old factory as possible. The architects reused whatever they could from the demolished building and recycled the rest to eliminate waste.

Your event at the Awarehouse?

We host many events in the Interface Awarehouse. The facility can accommodate up to 250 people. It is possible to combine your event with a factory tour that shows how carpet tiles are made and how our Mission Zero works in practice. 

Please contact our team to learn how we can help make your event a success.
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