What drives us? A positive vision of the future and the determination to make it come true. The courage and ambition to do what is right, despite all obstacles. An abiding commitment to show that sustainability is better for business. We believe that change starts with us and is transforming Interface from a plunderer of the earth to an agent of its restoration. Through this process of redesigning ourselves, we hope to be a catalyst for the redesign of global industry.

Mission – The Business of Creating Change

Climate Take Back

It's time for Climate Take Back. Turns out we have the power to change our planet, so let's make a change for the positive

Mission Zero

Mission Zero is Interface's approach to sustainability, started in 1994

Redesigning our Company

Implementing Mission Zero in our company has had enormous consequences

Redesigning our Products

Whether it's aesthetics, functionality or sustainability, we have always been looking for a better way

Holistic Design

We always look at the bigger picture. Every carpet tile we make is meant to be part of a floor, every floor is part of a space and every space has a purpose.

Human Spaces

Spaces designed with humans in mind, that's what the Human Spaces platform is all about. Learn more about biophilic design and the latest research on productivity and wellbeing

Interface Careers

Join our challenge! Visit our careers site for all current vacancies


The Net-Works programme proves collaborative innovation can create positive, sustainable change

Redesigning Commerce

As part of our sustainability mission, Interface has redesigned its way of doing business

A Strong Heritage

At Interface, we are proud of our heritage, but always looking to the future

The Awarehouse – Experience Interface

The Awarehouse is Interface's European experience centre

Recycled PVB

Interface is using a laminate from broken windscreens as a source material for new carpet tiles