Scherpenzeel – European Headquarters

The Scherpenzeel site is the Interface EMEA headquarters. Interface acquired Heuga, the original manufacturer of carpet tile in 1987, and some of the world’s first carpet tiles were manufactured at our current site. The Netherlands is a major market for Interface.

Scherpenzeel is our biggest location in Europe. There are about 350 employees. The Scherpenzeel manufacturing plant is a living example of sustainable practices. The site runs on 100% renewable energy, uses a closed water system for manufacturing and sends no waste to landfill.

Scherpenzeel is also home to the Awarehouse, our sustainable experience and event venue.

Departments in Scherpenzeel:

  • Customer Service
  • Concept Design
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Quality, Environment, Safety & Health (QESH)
  • Research & Development
  • Sales