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Inspiring installations – Case Studies

See inspiring spaces with Interface flooring


We regularly commission studies into the key issues affecting architects, designers and the organisations that benefit from or influence their work. The insights we gain help us improve our products and services, and sometimes change our business – and even other businesses too. We hope you’ll find them useful.

LVT from Interface

Our LVT products offer a wealth of design choice. Level Set with its wood-like Skinny Planks and stone-like squares. Boundary Metallics with an insustrial organic effect and Studio Set with colours ranging from soft to vibrant tones

Climate Take Back

It's time for Climate Take Back. Turns out we have the power to change our planet, so let's make a change for the positive

Concept Design

Your made-to-measure flooring concept

+Positive spaces

+Positive spaces use intentional design to inspire creativity, improve wellbeing and increase productivity. Find out how you can design +Positive spaces

WELL Building Guide

Create +Positive spaces using the WELL Building Standard

Quiet Mark

Interface’s Luxury Vinyl Tiles with Sound Choice backing are Quiet Mark certified for their superior noise reduction properties

Bright Colours

Discover the possibilities of bright colours

An Introduction to Biophilic Design

What makes work feel good? Explore the role of biophilic design in creating environments that support employee health and well-being

Pastel Colours

Discover the possibilities of pastel colours

Neutral Colours

Discover the possibilities of neutral colours


Discover the effects of colour in interior spaces

From Something Negative Comes Something Positive

Being neutral is not enough, so we’re taking on a new mission: to go beyond reducing negative impact to creating a positive one – going from Negative to Positive

2016 – A Year in Colour

A recap of the colours of the month from 2016

Biophilic Guide of London

Discover Interface’s pick of London’s best nature-inspired spaces with its Biophilic Guide of London

Workbook 2018

Check out our 2018 Workbook with inspirational photography

Holistic Design

We always look at the bigger picture. Every carpet tile we make is meant to be part of a floor, every floor is part of a space and every space has a purpose.

Mission Zero

Mission Zero is Interface's approach to sustainability, started in 1994

Artisan Trend

Our own Natalie Hakimian went to the Stockholm Furniture Fair to discover new trends

Touch of Timber

The Touch of Timber Skinny Planks brings a natural element to your floor

Beautiful Thinking

Celebrating the beautiful thinkers of today with a campaign to raise the profile of ambitious individuals and companies that have driven real innovation in their industries and beyond

Human Spaces

Spaces designed with humans in mind, that's what the Human Spaces platform is all about. Learn more about biophilic design and the latest research on productivity and wellbeing

Interface Careers

Join our challenge! Visit our careers site for all current vacancies


The Net-Works programme proves collaborative innovation can create positive, sustainable change

The Awarehouse – Experience Interface

The Awarehouse is Interface's European experience centre


Acoustics – The benefits of sound design for the workforce

Net Effect

Net Effect is a global collection, inspired by the oceans and linked to the Net-Works programme

Recycled PVB

Interface is using a laminate from broken windscreens as a source material for new carpet tiles

2015 Global Collection

The connection between nature and people is in our company DNA – and it is literally and figuratively woven into every square and plank of carpet we produce