In 1994, Interface founder, Ray Anderson set out a vision: to unlock true sustainability through ingenious design and innovation. Every process was reviewed. Every material questioned. Today, Interface honours that vision through a passionate belief in the power of design for good - championing the kind of beautiful thinking that can change the world.

No matter how big or small, change can only be driven by visionary thinking. Whether that’s creating spaces that improve health and well-being, saving our oceans from destruction, or developing a cleaner industry for our future.

The key is to push boundaries and make a genuine commitment to actively pursue new ways of working. For an idea to be truly innovative, it must be ambitious, but it must also have real purpose.

Interface is celebrating the beautiful thinkers of today with its latest campaign to raise the profile of ambitious individuals and companies that have driven real innovation in their industries and beyond.

As part of the Beautiful Thinking campaign we’ve created a guide to some of the capital’s best nature-inspired spaces. Explore the Biophilic Guide to London here.


Beautiful Thinking: Stories and Projects

  • Concept Designers

    Interface’s Concept Design team use beautiful thinking to support and inspire architects and designers in creating stunning interior design schemes to maximise the potential of any space.

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  • Peldon Rose

    Workplace interior specialists Peldon Rose use biophilic design principles to create beautiful and inspiring spaces that engage employees and make them want to stay.

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  • Bureo

    Bureo was founded by three like-minded individuals committed to finding solutions to ocean plastic pollution. Its Net Positiva programme collects discarded fishing nets and recycles them into a restorative raw material for items such as skateboards and sunglasses.

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  • Beautiful London

    Biophilia is the science behind the creation of spaces that bring people into contact with nature, improving their productivity, creativity and overall health and well-being.

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  • Melissa Sterry

    Design scientist Melissa Sterry takes inspiration from nature’s ecosystems to create biomimetic systems and strategies for a more resilient, sustainable future.

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  • Oliver Heath

    Interior and biophilic design expert Oliver Heath explains how incorporating elements and processes of the natural world into design can help create beautiful spaces that improve health, well-being and productivity.

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  • Michael Pawlyn

    Biomimicry thought-leader Michael Pawlyn emulates the beauty of nature to create ever more resource-efficient design solutions.

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  • Net-Works

    Three co-founders of Net-Works®, an inclusive business initiative formed by Interface and The Zoological Society of London, discuss their shared ambition to redesign a supply chain to benefit communities and the natural environment.

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  • Nigel Stansfield

    Nigel Stansfield, Vice President and Chief Innovations Officer for Interface discusses how working together with third parties, companies across all sectors can pool resources and expertise in practicing forms of radical sustainability.

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