Beautiful Thinking: The Net-Works’ Story

#BeautifulThinking is providing financial opportunities for poorer communities whilst cleaning up our oceans and beaches

At first glance, the partners behind Net-Works® may not seem like an obvious union. But beautiful thinking rarely appears obvious at first.

Net-Works is a collaborative initiative formed by Interface and conservation charity, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). The innovative partnership was borne out of a shared ambition to redesign a supply chain to benefit communities and the natural environment.

The challenge? It is estimated that 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear is abandoned in the world’s oceans every year – with destructive consequences. Discarded nets can be highly damaging to costal ecosystems and marine life.

However, with every challenge there is opportunity. In this case, many waste nets are made from a nylon which can be recycled for use in carpet tiles.

And so, by working in close collaboration, Interface and ZSL developed an inclusive business solution which protects delicate marine ecosystems while also offering financial and environmental benefits to some of the poorest communities in the world.

Net-Works enables local fishing communities in developing countries to sell their waste nets back into a global supply chain – offering them new socio-economic opportunities while also creating a long-term incentive to protect their natural environment.

In turn, the nets are regenerated into a nylon yarn, which provides a continuous source of fully recycled materials for use in carpet tiles.

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  • Making waste beautiful

    Net-Works enables local residents to collect discarded nets, which wreak havoc with the marine ecosystem, and sell them back into a global supply chain – giving those destructive, broken nets a second life as beautiful and long-lasting carpet tile.

    The product of an unlikely partnership, the Net-Works programme is proof that when business, conservation, and communities innovate together, we can create positive, sustainable change.