2016 – A Year in Colour

Wow, what an amazing year of colour it has been! From the subtle tones of Tinted Neutrals to the dark moody tones of Burgundy, a huge spectrum of colour variation has inspired us to design spaces and new products. We feed on trends to inspire our products and designs; trendspotting across websites, blogs and trade fairs – and in the cityscapes around us. Colour trends remain a constant inspiration, a vital tool to expand our design possibilities and turn #negativetopositive.

Looking Back at 2016

2016 has been an unpredictable year for colour, with traditional colours being used in more imaginative ways and unexpected colour combinations emerging.

Two of our favourites from 2016 were the Turquoise and Lilac palettes. They were both a joy to work with and proved to be popular among our customers as well. The tones of these palettes are balanced and calming, and they’re easy to coordinate with Interface products to flood fill spaces or use as a highlight to zone spaces.

Looking Forward to 2017

There is no doubt colour will continue to play a major role in creating spaces with positive impact in 2017. Colour is key for mood and effectiveness and for getting the most out of your employees – so when it comes to designing the right interior, using the right colours is essential.

While next year’s palette will continue to vary in colour, one trend we expect to remain is the use of bright and vivid tones, that bring to mind hues seen in nature. At Interface, we love biophilic design and use it as a tool when we design new products. Colour trends vary, but nature's colour palette always remains in vogue.

At Interface, we have a passion for colour. And we’re looking forward to sharing our celebration of colour with you through 2017 and beyond.

Watch our Interface Loves Colour Video