+Positive spaces™

Better products. Happier people. Healthier planet.

We’ve always had a positive attitude.

Because creating the best flooring product in the world isn’t easy. We challenge ourselves to be better, think differently, and develop products that have a positive impact on people’s lives, their spaces, and the planet.

When we succeed, we impact the lives of everyone using our products, as well as benefit the health of the planet for those who don’t. And that’s a whole lot to be positive about.

+Positive spaces. Helping people work smarter.

We have a simple idea. If you put people at the heart of what you do, they’ll love what you do. So that’s what we do. We put people first – and design products that are second to none.

We design our flooring systems to create connected, integrated zones that combine flexibility and functionality with aesthetics to fit any style. To enhance and inspire. To give back to the planet. In the most innovative ways we can dream up.

+Positive spaces. Making people happier.

From inspiring colour palettes to elements that promote well-being, we know well-designed spaces can improve the way we work and even make us feel happier and healthier.

When it comes to flexibility, health, and happiness, we’re all in. Our flooring solutions contribute to a space that lets its users thrive. Collaboration or creativity, rest, or rehabilitation, we are leading the way with design elements that create restorative and connective spaces. By harnessing methodologies like biophilic design and wellness standards, we can truly move people with life changing design.

+Positive spaces. Making the planet healthier.

Our passion and commitment don’t stop with the built environment. Our sustainability mission, Climate Take Back™, challenges us and others to contribute to a space that nurtures us all: our planet.

We’re optimistic about reversing global warming, we encourage others to love carbon, and together we are taking steps to create a climate fit for life, and an environment that supports us all.