ReEntry® Reclamation and Recycling

You hear a lot of claims about recycling these days, and it can be hard to separate fact from fiction, rumor from reality. "Recyclable" is often just a promise, unless you are talking about ReEntry, the only 3rd party certified recycling system among North American flooring manufacturers.

In fact, over four billion pounds of carpet end up in landfills each year in the US. While about 14% of post-consumer carpet is collected (according to CARE), less than 5% of that is recycled. But at Interface we have been actively collecting and recycling post-consumer vinyl backed carpet tiles for over 20 years, and now all of our CQuest backed carpet tiles and LVT on Sound Choice backing are 3rd party certified as Recyclable by GreenCircle Certified.

Learn more about the nora® Construction Waste Take-Back Program here.

Closing the Loop

Each year we divert millions of pounds of used (or post-consumer) carpet from landfills, historically feeding compatible materials through our Cool Blue™ system and now our CQuestMC backing line.

We take back Interface carpet tile and Sound ChoiceMC LVT products. Be sure to include the ReEntry specification as part of the waste diversion strategy for your project.

Reality Check:

Look for post-consumer recycled content in your flooring. Is it from old carpet products that have been reclaimed post-use? All products on our standard CQuestGB backing are 3rd party certified to contain at least 12% Closed Loop materials from carpet tile.

For more on our commitment to recycling, including our action championing recycling legislation in the US, click here.

For information on our Net-Works® fishing nets to carpet tile program, click here.

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