We're No Strangers to Transparency

Nearly 20 years ago Interface published one of the first corporate sustainability reports detailing the impacts our company had on the planet – and sharing our plan to reduce those impacts. Since then, we’ve consistently shared our progress and our data on the impacts of our processes and products, including creating Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for all standard products globally.

Since 2011, Interface has been supporting the development of a new transparency tool, the Health Product Declaration (HPD). Interface is a founding sponsor of the HPD Collaborative (HPDC), a participant in multiple HPD pilot programs, and a member of the Manufacturer Advisory Panel and Technical Sub-Groups.

Consistent with our commitment to transparency and the continued development of this tool, we have published LEED v4-compliant Health Product Declarations for all standard styles produced in the Americas on CQuest™GB, GlasBac®, GlasBacRE, CushionBac Renew™ and ReadyBac™ backings, as well as our LVT with Sound Choice™ backing and nora products.

An HPD discloses what ingredients products contain and starts a conversation about opportunities for improvement. It’s important to realize that a Health Product Declaration alone cannot tell you whether a product is “healthy,” nor whether users are likely to be exposed to any of the ingredients disclosed.

As part of our Mission Zero® promise, Interface continuously reduces the environmental and health impacts of our products through elimination of materials of concern. We at Interface Americas are proud of our accomplishments to date, eliminating unnecessary chemicals without sacrificing performance, including:

  • Elimination of all halogen or heavy metal-based flame retardants;
  • Elimination of fluorinated stain resist coatings and aqueous dyes for yarn; and
  • Replacing liquid glue for installation with TacTiles® connectors.

We welcome any additional questions about our HPD, our ingredients, and our commitment to achieving Mission Zero by 2020. Please send questions to sustainability@interface.com.


Full documentation of our HPDs is available below:

HPD for CQuestGB HPD for GlasBac
HPD for GlasBacRE
HPD for CushionBac Renew
HPD for ReadyBac
HPD for LVT with Sound Choice
HPD for 3.0mm Basis LVT
HPD for Vinyl Sheet 
HPD for noraplan Standard HPD for norament Standard
HPD for CQuestBio/BioX HPD for Rigid Core 
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