Getting Down to Business

Whether it’s a single office or a multinational corporation, each company has its own personality. Interface can help you create interiors that reflect your brand with flexible flooring options of modular carpet tile, LVT and nora® rubber that will look good for years to come.

We have manufacturing operations on four continents and showrooms around the world, so we are available wherever you are. And as an industry leader in the development of sustainable flooring, we’re committed to helping you achieve your environmental goals as we work toward ours.



A Better Way

When you choose Interface products, you’re helping build a healthier planet by lowering the carbon footprint of your space. Through investments in product innovation and improved manufacturing processes, we have lowered the carbon footprint of our products at every stage of their life cycle. Every flooring product you buy from us—whether carpet, LVT, or rubber—is 100% carbon neutral.

After decades of work to eliminate our environmental impact, our Climate Take Back™ mission to reverse global warming is the natural next step in our sustainability journey.

  • Location The Nature Conservancy in New York   Collection View From Above   Product Cloud Cover   Colours 105716 After Dark, 105718 Black Out   Architect / Design Atema Architecture   Photo ©2019 Michael Moran
  • Location Jacksonville, FL   Product Reclaim   Colour 104145 Antique Grey   Collection Human Nature   Product HN830   Colour 104242 Kiwi   Design Hota Design   Photo ©2019 Severine Wilder Photography
  • Location Jacksonville, FL   nora Product Arago   Colour 5179 Tranquil   Design Hota Design   Photo ©2019 Severine Wilder Photography
  • Location Cambridge, MA   Collection Let It Bee   Product Bee's Knees   Colour 105663 Fawn   Product Honey Don't   Colour 105691 Eclipse   Architect / Design Fusion Design Consultants   Photo ©2019 Neil Alexander
  • Location Boca Raton, FL   CARPET   Collection Bike Path   Product BP410   Colour Custom   LVT   Product Natural Woodgrains   Colour A00208 Sand Dune   Design Gensler   Photo ©2019 Halkin Mason Photography
  • Location Boca Raton, FL   CARPET   Collection Bike Path   Product BP410   Colour Custom   LVT   Product Natural Woodgrains   Colour A00208 Sand Dune   Design Gensler   Photo ©2019 Halkin Mason Photography
  • Location Delos Living, LLC in New York, NY   Product Touch of Timber   Colour 606222 Blackwood   Design Gensler   Photo ©Delos Living, LLC
  • Location Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center in Sunnyvale, CA   Collection Urban Retreat   Product UR101   Colour 103502 Charcoal/Lichen   Product UR102   Colour 102992 Charcoal   Product UR103   Colour 100638 Lichen   Architect / Design Blitz Architecture + Interiors   Photo ©2016 Jasper Sanidad
  • Location Meridian Financial in Toronto, ON   Collection Human Nature   Product HN810   Colour 104214 Nickel   Product HN830   Colour 104242 Kiwi   Product HN840   Colour 104222 Nickel   Architect / Design Bullock + Wood   Photo ©Joaquim Santos
  • Location Chick-fil-A in Atlanta, GA   Product A Peeling   Color 102778 Patina   Product Monochrome   Colour 101837 Granite   Product Alliteration   Colour 9725 Sage/Prairie   Design Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates, Inc.   Photo ©Eric Laignel
  • Location Fiserv in Atlanta, GA   Product Harmonize   Colours 104044 Pewter, 104043 Gravel   Product Monochrome   Colour 101819 Orange   Design TVS Design   Photo ©TVS Design
  • Location Polaris Industries in Plymouth, MN   Collection Human Nature   Product HN810   Colour 104214 Nickel   Product HN820   Colour 104231 Slate   Product HN840   Colour 104222 Nickel   Product HN850   Colour 104206 Nickel   Product On Line   Colour 103795 Ocean   Architect / Design NELSON Online   Photo ©2015 Paul Crosby
  • Location Hannover, MD   Product Natural Woodgrains   Colour A00211 Washed Maple   Design Design Collective, Inc.   Photo ©2019 Tom Holdsworth
  • Location Hannover, MD   Collection Aerial   Products AE315, AE317   Colours Custom   Design Design Collective, Inc.   Photo ©2019 Tom Holdsworth
  • Location Hannover, MD   Collection Aerial   Product AE315   Colour Custom   Product AE317   Colour 05829 Azure   Design Design Collective, Inc.   Photo ©2019 Tom Holdsworth
  • Location San Francisco, CA   Collection Net Effect   Products B601, B602, B603   Colour 102909, 102917, 102925 Caspian   Architecture / Design Blitz Architecture + Design   Photo ©2019 Eric Laignel
  • Location Baltimore, MD   Product Walk the Plank   Colour 103949 Balsam   Collection World Woven   Product WW860   Colour 105356 Natural Tweed   Product WW870   Colour 105348 Natural Weft   Design Design Collective, Inc.   Photo ©Judy Davis/Hoachlander Davis Photography
  • Location DLR Group in Omaha, NE   Product Tectonics   Colours 100067 Byte, 100068 Server    Design DLR Group   Photo ©2012 Alistair Tutton Photography
  • Location Adobe in San Jose, CA   FLOR Product Down to Earth   Colour Grass   Design Gensler   Photo ©Emily Hagopian
  • Location Philadelphia, PA   Product Textured Woodgrains   Colour A00401 Distressed Walnut   Design D2 Groups   Photo ©2018 Don Pearse Photography
  • Location Montvale, NJ   Collection Aerial   Product AE311   Colours 104673 Iron, 104669 Fog   Architect / Design RTKL Callison   Photo ©Judy Davis/Hoachlander Davis Photography
  • Location Inscape in Washington, D.C.   Collection Human Connections   Product Flagstone   Colour 105578 Flint   Product Kerbstone   Colour 105574 Flint   Product Sett in Stone   Colour 105570 Flint   Product Moss in Stone   Colour 105566 Flint/Edge   Product Moss   Colour105562 Flint/Moss   Design SKA Studio   Photo ©Erin Keller Photography
  • Location Inscape in Washington, D.C.   Collection Let It Bee   Product Honey Do   Colour 105670 Daylight   Product Honey Don't   Colour 105687 Daylight   Design SKA Studio   Photo ©Erin Keller Photography
  • Location San Mateo, CA   FLOR Product Reoriented   Colour Grey   Design M. Moser   Photo © Emily Hagopian
  • Location Ft. Lauderdale, FL   Collection Equal Measure   Product EM551   Colour 104561 Main St.   Product EM552   Colour 104568 Main Ave.   Product EM553   Colour 104577 Hill Blvd.   Design Gensler   Photo ©2017 Jasper Sanidad
  • Location Toronto, ON   Collection Aerial   Product Neighborhood Blocks   Colours 105625 Dru Red/Blocks, 105615 Fog/Blocks   Design Gensler   Photo © A-Frame

Flooring for Every Space

The corporate workspace is a mix of private and public spaces with different flooring needs. Where hard surfaces like LVT and nora rubber work well in high traffic lobbies and break areas, sound absorbing soft surfaces like carpet tile offer acoustic benefits in a private office or general workspace.

Interface offers the best of both with a modular system of carpet tile, LVT and nora rubber in a breadth of colours, patterns and textures. Create inset area rugs for seating and move from carpet tile to our Sound Choice™ LVT with no transition strips. The possibilities are endless. See some of our favourite styles for corporate spaces below and cheque out our FLOR® brand for even more options.

Interiors That Work for You

Our love affair with nature extends beyond the science of sustainability. After all, we love great design, and there is no better designer than nature. Biophilic design offers measurable benefits like reducing stress and lowering blood pressure while increasing productivity, creativity and overall well-being. We believe built spaces should be Human Spaces, and tools like the WELL Building Standard provide a useful guide for creating impactful materials.

Realize Your Design Vision

With a deep knowledge of Interface products and a wealth of experience, our design team can tackle any challenge. Looking for inspiration? Want to visualize products in a space? Interface Design Studio is equipped to do anything you need from designing an entire floorplan to developing custom colours or even custom products.

A Star Performance

Interface modular carpet tile, LVT and nora rubber are built to withstand all the footsteps, rolling carts and coffee spills in your office. Daily vacuuming and routine spot and deep cleaning are all that’s needed to keep our carpet tiles looking good.

Our LVT is just as simple. Just dust mop regularly and spot clean with a general cleaner as needed. nora rubber is even easier. All you need is water and nora scrubbing pads. With Interface, you can be sure your flooring will look new for years to come and will last you well into the next decade.