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Celebrating 50 years: Our next journey starts here.


Blend in to Stand Out

With Woven Gradience, colour transitions effortlessly through a space. Calm or invigorate. Soothe or surprise with subtle color spectrums that create customizable moments across the floor.

The woven textile aesthetic brings familiar comforts into productive spaces while offering the flexibility to play it safe—or push what’s possible.


Sleek. Tailored. Timeless.

These carpet squares can remain reserved—with WG100 standing solidly on its own through six warm neutrals and eight sophisticated accents. Or combine with WG200 to create gradients on the floor for a more vivid experience. With just two products, you can instantly connect and define space.

Woven Gradience Transition Tiles

Woven Gradience creates movement and delineates space with subtle shifts of colour across the floor. See how the neutral and accent colours of WG100 merge and blend through WG200’s transition tiles.