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Interface is now a third-party certified Carbon Neutral Enterprise.

Write Your Own Story

As we connect around the world, we see our personal histories – our stories – more and more entwined. If our stories were to take shape they would be complicated, layers of lines and patterns, sometimes fine and detailed and other times broad and gestural. The Narratives Collection, part of our global library of styles, is an elegant rendering of what this might look like. NS230, a kind of broken scroll pattern, could be drawn from the ancient and exotic–like a silk rug, shimmering and fading in the light. In contrast, NS231 is straightforward and simple, like an impeccable linen that balances and grounds everything near it. The transition between the two is distinct, with dramatic changes in fullness and texture. But the connection is compelling and clear; both are offered in 25 cm x 1 m planks with a soft, neutral palette of yarns weaving them together.