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Celebrating 50 years: Our next journey starts here.

Jumbo Rock_Brown_ Monolithic

Go big. Go biophilic.

The naturally occurring patterns in the Joshua trees, giant rounded rock formations and cracked stones of the southwestern desert landscape soothe and comfort. These organic designs and textures inspire Interface’s Lost Palms™ Collection and feature biophilic motifs intentionally designed at a larger scale to mimic the grandeur of this iconic terrain. 

Cap Rock_Oat_Monolithic_Keys View_Brown_Ashlar

Larger Than Life

Jumbo Rock™, Cap Rock™ and Keys View™ provide a smoother, lower profile that channels the less-rugged formations polished by erosion.

Texture and cracks begin to show through Desert Veins™, while Ribbon Rock™ features super-plush pile and clear marbling. Accent product Desert Ranch™ ushers in a classic, southwest vibe, shifting the colour palette into earthier tones.

Do More with FLOR

FLOR® coordinates, Yucca Tree™, Valley View™ and Desert Tree™, bring mid-century into the moment for a modern, Palm Springs aesthetic. FLOR styles can be viewed in detail at

Diverse terrain, metamorphic rocks and the Joshua Tree provide the inspiration behind Interface's Lost Palms™ Collection.


Our Lost Palms square products are 1 m x 1 m. See the full colour range, pattern variation and product specifications below.


Lost Palms planks are 50 cm x 1 m, so the pattern represented in the squares below is a portion of the full product. See the full colour range, pattern variation and product specifications below.

FLOR Coordinates

These FLOR® styles meld modern and nostalgic for a fun aesthetic. Product details are available at