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Celebrating 50 years: Our next journey starts here.

Balanced to the Core

Designed with the strength and beauty of nature to its very core, the Even Path™ Collection features high-quality patterns that express the natural aesthetics of solid wood and monumental stone to the highest detail.

Engineered for enhanced performance, every rigid core tile provides a high level of protection in high traffic conditions. Each product is designed to present a true flat finish with our unique Ceramor™X coating that guards against slips, scratches, and scuffs.

Introducing Even Path Woodgrains and Even Path Stones

Even Path™ Woodgrains delivers 16 different woodgrain colourways to choose from. Ranging in organic tones and shades that create stunning, natural, and harmonious interiors. Even Path Stones lets you design natural, monumental stone pattern floors. With eight colourways to work with, including high-quality natural stone, marble, and concrete designs, but without the weight.

Even Path Woodgrains_Honey Oak_Ashlar

The Strength and Beauty of Nature in Every Tile

The surface design of our Even Path™ collection takes inspiration from the natural textures of wood and stone, materials that echo the resilience and strength of each tiles’ rigid core center.

Installed with ease, there is a durable weight tolerance and anti-slip, reliable scratch resistance thanks to our pioneering Ceramor™X coating. To embody the strength and beauty of nature in its aesthetic, and in its performance.

Discover the products. Yet more beautiful thinking for your hard-working commercial spaces.

Carbon Neutral. To the Core .

Our mission to make the highest quality flooring in the world has led to the launch of this advanced, heavy-duty tile. Interface rigid core is carbon neutral across the full product lifecycle. And made with 39% recycled content, too. We calculate the impact of every tile, so you’re always on the path to a more sustainable space.