+Positive spaces do
more, so we can be more.

Every space has an impact. Let’s make it positive.

Never before have people’s expectations of interior spaces been more complex. Nor, has there ever been a greater responsibility on owners, architects and designers to meet these needs. Now, +Positive spaces™ pave the way to better design.

+Positive spaces are environments that create an impact as a result of the attributes of the space and the people who use it. Whether that environment is a small reading nook or a sweeping botanical garden, these spaces give people permission to work as they see fit. And in doing so, people reach their potential, cascading greater good to others and our planet. That’s a lot to be positive about.

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One-size fits no one.
Our system fits all.

People crave control of the environments in which they live, work and learn. At Interface, people’s needs are our priority. That’s why our modular flooring system creates connected, integrated solutions that offer flexibility and functionality with aesthetics to fit any style.

Good design makes us feel better.

+Positive spaces motivate us to be our best, but they also help us feel our best. From inspiring color palettes to elements that promote well-being, well-designed spaces can make us feel happier and healthier.

The way we design is proven to impact factors like productivity and creativity. Download our peer reviewed Human Spaces report, "The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace" and “Biophilic Design in Hospitality,” study the positive effects of biophilic design on a global scale."

+Positive spaces aren’t confined by walls.

Our passion and commitment don’t stop at built environments. Our sustainability mission, Climate Take Back™, challenges us, and others, to contribute to a space that nurtures us all: our planet. At Interface, we are optimistic about reversing global warming. Together, we are taking steps to create a climate fit for life, and an environment that supports us all. Instead of seeing climate change as inherently negative, we view it as an opportunity to create positive impact. We know it’s possible.