More Ideas About Floors

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An entryway draws you in. Pulls you forward. Celebrates your arrival. It builds anticipation and instills confidence: You're in the right place. The entry is an invitation inside. Its colours and patterns lead the way like breadcrumbs. Visitors move through the space as naturally as if they had been there before.


How did you get here? Little did you know, the floor was guiding you. Movement is influenced by changing patterns that can be both useful and beautiful. Every detail is meaningful. Result: a satisfying experience from start to finish.


The hallway ends. Go this way or that way? Open this door or that one? The floor can help show the way. Humans are natural pathfinders given the proper clues—the bent twig, the hint of a trail—and the way to go becomes obvious. Yes: You’re headed in the right direction.


You have arrived. The floor ushers you in: Confidence rewarded. A comforting payoff affirms you’re in the right place while flooring cues suggest the intent of the space. Nothing is lost. The way back is easy. You made it.