From something negative comes something positive.

More than 20 years ago, we set an audacious goal for our company: to have no negative impact on the planet by the year 2020. Our “Mission Zero®.” There was no roadmap to follow. But we had a collective optimism, an entrepreneurial hunger, and a willingness to test, tumble and try again.

Today, we stand poised to reach our goal. But we realize that being neutral is not enough. We feel challenged to take on a new mission: to go beyond reducing negative impact to creating a positive one—going from Negative to Positive.

The Goal is in Sight

Since committing to Mission Zero, we’ve made remarkable progress on a global scale, due in part to the creative prowess of many collaborators.

The global numbers tell a compelling story.

Changing the face of industry

With the help of numerous partners, we’ve shown that business can be a positive contributor to society while still earning a profit. We innovate not just in our products, but also in how we make them and what becomes of them at the end of their useful lives.

Our quest for cleaner energy embraces a wide array of alternative sources, from methane to cocoa to fish heads. And our search for earth-positive raw materials is helping communities in ways unimagined a generation ago.

Take our Net-Works® program. It helps residents in impoverished fishing villages collect discarded fishing nets (a threat to marine life) and sell them into a global supply chain. The result: Those destructive, broken nets gain a second life as beautiful, long-lasting carpet tile.

Designing a More Beautiful World

While our macro vision is to design a “better way” for the world at large, we believe beautiful design is vital to introducing a “better way” within interior spaces. Our products contribute to spaces that move and inspire the people who inhabit them.

Drawing inspiration from some of the world’s most enduring hand-crafted textiles, the new World Woven™ Collection opens up a new world of design possibilities and references nature through its irregular patterns and colour variations.

What comes next?

Soon Interface will reveal a new mission, as ambitious as anything we’ve ever done. We’ll need to include even more people in this grand effort to transform negative to positive, to go beyond doing no harm.

Every person, every organization, can have a positive impact—can be “a rainbow in a cloudy sky” in the words of our founder, Ray Anderson.

Stay in the loop when we announce how you can join us and read about our efforts in the wake of the Paris COP21 climate talks.

Negative to Positive: Everyone Can Contribute

The problems we face were not created overnight, or by just one person. Their solutions will likewise require time and a team effort.

From the designer who asks, “How can I transform this space for the better?” to the youth group committed to cleaning up their local waterway, every one of us can be part of the movement.