What's in Our LVT?

Over the past 23 years, we have transformed the carpet tile industry, driving innovation in processes and materials to develop a more sustainable approach to manufacturing. Through our Mission Zero® goal to eliminate any negative environmental impact we may have by 2020, we have led the industry to create best practices.

Now, we’re bringing our focus on sustainability and transparency to the resilient flooring category. As one of the fastest growing flooring categories, we know that LVT is here to stay. We also know that we are just getting started with LVT at Interface, and we will make it more sustainable over time—applying lessons we have learned driving sustainable business practices over more than two decades . Through this new journey, we will challenge the industry once again to improve the sustainability of existing products and to create lasting, positive impacts on this market segment.

With our Level Set™ Collection of resilient flooring, we have been purposeful to select and create products with materials and recycling in mind.

  • This includes a commitment to deliver Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for all our resilient flooring products, which evaluates consistent factors based on full life cycle assessment (LCA). Our LVT products also meet the Silver level of the NSF/ANSI 332 Sustainability Assessment for Resilient Floor Coverings. With EPDs and the NSF-332 certification process to track progress, we will continue to reduce the environmental footprint of our modular resilient flooring products.
  • Our LVT products are completely free of ortho-phthalates, heavy metal ingredients, added formaldehyde and any other ingredients that could contaminate our recycling system. They’re also low-VOC and carbon neutral.
  • We are initially producing our LVT tiles with a controlled material stream using virgin PVC to ensure that they can be recycled at end of life through our ReEntry® recycling program. These recycled materials will ultimately feed into recycled content backing, including Interface’s GlasBac®RE recycled backing product.
  • It is third-party verified carbon neutral under our Carbon Neutral Floors® program. We zeroe out all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the entire lifecycle of the product, from raw material extraction through use and recycling.

At Interface, we recognize that you cannot design a sustainable product without first designing sustainable systems to manage them. The products in our first resilient flooring offering represent the beginning of a journey, but we believe that making an LVT that installs, performs and recycles seamlessly in our existing system is an accomplishment we can build on.

Learn more about our efforts to bring sustainability to the resilient flooring category.

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