LVT and PVC: What's Next?

At Interface, we carefully consider the materials we use in our products. Sustainability is core to who we are, so it’s important to us that we avoid using materials that threaten our planet or your safety. Instead, we focus on materials that support your health and our mission to eliminate any negative environmental impact we may have by 2020, our Mission Zero®

Guided by Mission Zero, we commit to making our products from 100% bio-based or recycled content materials by 2020, and we’re proud that 64% of the materials we use across the globe have already met this goal.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to both our modular carpet as well as our new LVT flooring.

At the core of this journey is a promise to reduce our use of PVC and decrease the lifecycle impacts of the material itself. While this material is commonly used across industries for everything from construction to packaging, critics have surfaced potential risks to people and the environment. We believe we can do better—for you and our planet. It is our goal to offer the world a more sustainable, healthy and safe flooring option. And we remain committed to transparently sharing our progress. 

Through our commitment to Mission Zero, we strive to:

  1. Eliminate virgin materials by converting all our products to recycled and biobased sources. This includes virgin PVC in both our carpet backings and LVT.
  2. Eliminate materials of concern from our products.
  3. Close the loop by being responsible for our products at the end of their life.

Our team is always seeking ways to eliminate virgin materials from our products, while upholding the highest safety standards possible. Currently, our LVT products contain virgin PVC to ensure it does not contain harmful additives like phthalates, formaldehyde, heavy metals and any other ingredients that could contaminate our recycling system. You can find a breakdown of this information in the EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration) that are available for every product we offer. 

Along with this transparency, we are proud to share that our LVT is FloorScore certified for low offgassing (low VOCs). Each Interface Americas product is carbon neutral and our LVT products meet the Silver level of the NSF/ANSI 332 Sustainability Assessment for Resilient Floor Coverings as well. 

Using sustainable materials is just one way our company supports our environment. We also recycle products through our ReEntry program to make recyclable GlasBac®RE backing. This closed loop production system allows us to safely make new carpet tile backing from old, avoiding the life cycle issues traditionally associated with the production and end-of-life of PVC and other plastics. While vinyl is currently the only carpet backing material that can be recycled at scale in a proven closed loop system, our technology is flexible enough to use any thermoplastic material that can meet our product performance requirements. Our system assesses and screens all materials we use for potential health concerns, not just PVC.

On top of this, we focus on partnerships like Net-Works®, where we work with coastal communities to transform discarded fishing nets into the yarn that makes our carpet, protecting marine life and minimizing pollution.

At Interface, we will always prioritize sustainability. Whether innovating within carpet tiles or introducing new resilient flooring, we look for ways to improve our processes and drive the circular economy. We will continue this journey with our new LVT, from finding the most sustainable materials to addressing health and safety for all. 

Learn more about the materials in our all-new LVT flooring.

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