We've Got Your Back

One of the top secrets of our success is what lies beneath.

At Interface, we understand the importance of a strong foundation—it’s been the basis of our continual improvement upon the traditional benefits of carpet. So it’s no surprise that our innovative backing systems are responsible for the enhanced performance and durability of our modular carpet tiles. They’re what enable our carpet tile to resist moisture and be moved and updated with ease.

Each of our four main backing systems - GlasBac®, GlasBacRE, Graphlar®, Graphlex® and NexStep® - provide a unique benefit, but all offer superior dimensional stability and carry a standard 15 year warranty against excessive surface wear, edge ravel, backing separation, shrinking and stretching.

Interface Backing Systems

  • GlasBac

    Our GlasBac® backing has been in production since 1973, and continues to set the industry standard. Our GlasBac backed carpet tile products now have an average of 40% post-industrial recycled content.

  • GlasBacRE

    Styles using our high post-consumer recycled content GlasBacRE with our 100% recycled content Type 6 nylon feature up to 93% total recycled content, including as much as 30% post-consumer content.

  • Graphlar / Graphlex

    Graphlar® / Graphlex® are reinforced carbon composite backing systems used with products such as Super Flor™ and Scandinavia™, which are made in our European manufacturing location. They feature exceptional dimensional stability.