The Promise of Biophilic Design

What if our built environment could enhance our well-being?

What if our built environment could enhance our capacity to care for the well-being of our planet?

Biophilic Design holds the promise of unlocking both of these possibilities.

In his seminal book, Biophilic Design: The Theory, Science and Practise of Bringing Buildings to Life, Dr. Stephen Kellert defines biophilic design as “building and landscape design that enhances human physical and mental well-being by fostering positive connections between people and nature.”

Not to be confused with a specific “natural” or “organic” aesthetic, biophilic design is a defined design methodology with proven benefits for human performance and well-being. To this end Kellert and other practicioners have distilled Six Principles of Biophilic Design to guide designers in reliably producing this “biophilic effect.”

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