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Interface is now a third-party certified Carbon Neutral Enterprise.

On Your Left

Bike Path™ brings a spirited style in two 25 cm x 1 m planks, coasting on well-chosen neutrals and marked with strong pops of colour like stop sign red and go-go green. BP410 is the solid base upon which BP411 adds its accent colours. The simplicity of design—with straight lines and a clean-cut appearance—are perfect for creating directional cues on the floor. Bike Path draws your attention and directs the eye with its linear forms and colour accents.

An ashlar installation of Bike Path unlocks the linear pattern of the tile, creating a sense of direction and connecting one interior space with another while also adding balance. In herringbone, the stitch lines within each tile will appear accentuated, enabling you to intensify the pace and energy of your interior spaces.

Just as a ride in the park can invigorate your day, Bike Path’s informal and approachable styling will pep up all sorts of public spaces in corporate offices, schools, retail and multifamily housing. Let’s ride!