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At Interface, we understand there is no one-size fits all approach to Senior Living. That’s why we’ve designed beautiful products and performance-based installation methods which provide flexibility in both form and function.

Interface products deliver the perfect balance of both function and design - perfect for spaces that seek to promote wellness, life and health.

Beautiful spaces without compromising performance.


The lifestyles of seniors are evolving, and so too the communities they live in. It’s ever more important to foster an environment of community engagement, quality and connection.
Senior facilities today are under-going dramatic transformations to accommodate diverse lifestyles. Interface know transitional living after retirement is no longer limited to modest interiors, bingo and shuffleboard. Interface's resilient and soft modular flooring system offers luxurious aesthetics, whilst balancing performance.

Assisted Living

Along with offering a strong sense of home, the best things about assisted living are often the aspects that enhance quality of life, well-being and health including inspiring social interaction, encouraging physical activity, nurturing spirituality and a sense of purpose in life.

Interface’s integrated modular systems foster supportive environments by enabling practical design installations with seamless transitions.

Biophilic Design

Bringing the outside inside feeds our innate desire to be connected to the natural world. This desire for nature is called biophilia. Incorporating biophilic design principles allows us to become more productive. The consideration is not just one of aesthetics. The effects of mimicking nature’s stimuli are remarkable. Being in spaces created using biophilic design principles can lower our blood pressure and heart rates. These spaces can also positively impact our happiness and concentration.

Seamless and Impervious

Interface carpet tiles contain Intersept®, a patented antimicrobial that inhibits 99% of microbial growth – guaranteed for the life of the product. Intersept® helps prevent infection, minimises odour and actively protects against bio-contaminants. Combined with our patented impervious backing Glasbac®, Interface carpet tiles prevent spills and other contaminants from passing through to the subfloor - reducing the risk of infection.

We are global, but we think local

We manufacture our modular carpet tiles locally since 1971. Located in South West Sydney NSW, we’ve invested in a purpose built, state of the art manufacturing facility to manufacture carpet tile from beginning to end, including inspection, boxing and shipment.
And we can even help you deal with your old carpet responsibly, through our local ReEntry® reuse and recycling programme.

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