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Enhancing the learning environment

Evaluating the best flooring solution for your school doesn’t have to be difficult. Prioritising well-being, durability and sustainability can help you put your options into perspective and make the right choice for your school and those who use it every day.

Our sustainability supports yours

We care about your students and their future. Our products are designed with the environment in mind, which means you can feel good knowing your flooring will have the lowest carbon footprint in the industry. See how we’re creating a positive impact on the planet with completely carbon neutral products.

We are global, but we think local

We manufacture our modular carpet tiles locally since 1971. Located in South West Sydney NSW, we’ve invested in a purpose built, state of the art manufacturing facility to manufacture carpet tile from beginning to end, including inspection, boxing and shipment.

And we can even help you deal with your old carpet responsibly, through our local ReEntry® reuse and recycling programme.

Schools built for better well-being

If you can’t hear, you can’t learn! School flooring with the proper acoustics can help students to listen, read and think without noisy distractions. Our carpet tile, LVT and rubber flooring reduces sound, which helps students pay attention. Plus, low VOC content in our carpet tile, LVT and rubber flooring meets the highest standard for indoor air quality.

Durable and economical in many ways

The more durable your flooring is, the longer it will last. All Interface products are modular. Couple that with a strong warranty and the ability to individually replace damaged portions of the floor with a modular system, and you’ve got a great long-term investment.

Modular, non-directional products are faster to install and create much less waste. Interface’s non directional i2® styles create as little as 1.5% installation waste compared to approx 14% with traditional broadloom styles.

Design Studio

Design in Practice

There is a wealth of evidence that harnessing a child’s innate attraction to the natural world through biophilic design can improve their physiological and psychological health. Biophilic design can be introduced into education spaces in all sorts of ways. It can also be as simple as introducing references to nature through the use of nature inspired textures, patterns and colours.

Watch the video below to explore The Garden School, Hackney project.

Leasing Solutions

Interface’s EverGreen LeaseTM gives your school financial options to upgrade the flooring of your facilities with a simple program that eliminates initial capital outlay and embraces responsible environmental stewardship. We’ll take care of your flooring’s full life cycle, so you can focus on designing the perfect setting for all kinds of students, supporting their well-being and progress.

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