Carpet Tiles

What are Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles are the number one option in a wide variety of commercial and residential environments – offering a sustainable choice for durable, flexible design options. They provide all the warmth and underfoot comfort required of interior spaces and are available in practical module sizes. Being modular, all Interface carpet tiles come in a selection of sizes, patterns and materials, working together and providing ease of installation and maintenance.

Interface are the proud inventors of the carpet tile - leading the industry in sustainable practices and innovative design.

Explore our Carpet products

From commercial spaces to convention centres, from hotel rooms to classrooms, our carpet tiles suit a variety of design challenges, segments and industries. If you're not sure where to start, take a look at our product range.

We are global, but we think local

We have manufactured our modular carpet tiles locally since 1971. Located in South West Sydney NSW, we’ve invested in a purpose built, state of the art manufacturing facility to manufacture carpet tile from beginning to end, including tufting, backing, testing, packaging and shipment.

Carpet, meet LVT

Compatible in height and size, we’ve designed our LVT and Carpet Tiles to work together seamlessly – with no transition strips. This effortless meeting of hard surfaces and soft textures, endless pattern and colour combinations allows you to create truly unique flooring designs for spaces people love to be in.

Design Studio

Whatever your design challenge, our local Design Studio can help translate your vision into stunning floor designs. From exploring and combining collections to creating complete flooring concepts and visualisations, we can provide a service that’s bespoke to you and your budget.

Meet a world of endless possibilities.

Sustainable Choice

We have a history of pursuing sustainability, and have reduced the cradle-to-gate carbon footprint of our carpet tiles by 74% since 1996. The flooring products that we sell including carpet tile, LVT and nora®; rubber are carbon neutral across their full product life cycle through our third party verified Carbon Neutral Floors™ program.

We design with purpose. Together we can close the loop through our ReEntry recycling process by being responsible for our products at the end of their life and to eliminate our carbon footprint.

After decades of hard work, we achieved our Mission Zero® goals in 2019. With our new Climate Take Back™ mission, we’ve set an even more ambitious goal – to reverse climate change and create a climate fit for life.

Our first carbon negative tile

The latest milestone in Interface’s Climate Take Back™ mission to help you reduce the carbon footprint of your space. Our Embodied Beauty™ carpet tile collection contains three carbon negative styles; Shishu Stitch™, Tokyo Texture™, and Zen Stitch™ that use our new CQuest™BioX backing.

CQuest™BioX combines new bio-based materials that are carbon negative alongside increased levels of recycled content. When combined with specialty yarns and tufting processes, this results in a carbon negative carpet tile from cradle to gate.

Performance that's guaranteed

Sound-reducing flooring is an ideal solution to mitigate the effects of noise in any space, and at Interface, we design our products with acoustics in mind. From sound-absorbing carpet tiles to our Sound Choice ® LVT, Interface takes noise and acoustics seriously.

Indoor air quality is proven to affect the health, well-being and productivity of people who inhabit a space. Breathe easier with carpet that protects against the growth of mould, mildew and other odour-causing microorganisms.

Certain carpet tile colours have a high light reflecting value (LRV). This means that the tiles reflect more light, so less artificial light is needed to illuminate a space. With our i2 carpet tiles, there’s no need to worry about matching dye lots. Requiring less attic stock and making selective replacement even more effective, our i2 carpet tiles not only save time and money, but also the environment.

Our carpet tiles come with a 15-year warranty, so your floor will look just as good years from now as it does on day one. They are also covered by a product-specific Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) that publicly discloses its carbon footprint and other potential environmental impacts.

Installation, Care and Maintenance

Carpet tile installation produces less waste than broadloom, and as single tiles can be replaced, entire carpet doesn’t need to be ripped up and discarded when damage occurs.

Carpet tiles are typically much simpler and quicker to install than broadloom. And, TacTiles® make installation easy, clean, and sustainable. Made from PET with virtually zero VOCs, they connect horizontally with backing that ‘hugs’ the floor, so there’s no need for glue.

Our carpet tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Whether it’s sanitisation to take precautions against COVID-19, soil prevention or maintaining aesthetics, you can learn more by using our guides